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Virtual Gallery

The Virtual Gallery is a space ideated by Art Critic and Curator Alain Chivilò to give visibility and present selected artists. I do not look for names, but we want to give visibility to those who work in art with professionalism through various expressive techniques. Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Installations, Digital and Video Art are the multiple genres covered in personal exhibitions of one month. In the show sequence the space is dedicated to artists who always want to improve, don't make free controversies behind and obviously are in synesthesia with Alain Chivilò. There are no exclusives because the art project isn't in competition with galleries, gallery owners, merchants and organizations operating on television. Artists can spontaneously send an abstract of their artistic iter in order to be selected and scheduled. Welcome and enjoy !!!

Stephen S T Bradley Vital Riots

Loic Colonna La Corse

Nicole Noze Traces

Robert Smulders Chromatic Code

Tonio Bessa Voyage

Helga Gendriesch Visionen