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The Pavilion of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2023

View © Studio KO 2023
by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

For the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023, the Uzbekistan National Pavilion named its project “Unbuild Together: Archaism vs. Modernity” addresses different horizons of Uzbekistan’s architectural heritage as a potential tool to envision the future and a key element to challenge the concept of modernity.
A project around the ruins of the Galas, ancient fortresses of the Karakalpakstan, heritage of the Khorezm civilization and the multiple possibilities that earth offers to build, especially the bricks. Bricks, both a universal and archaic material, are the building block of Uzbek architecture.
The curator of the Pavillion, Studio KO, linked to the architectural students and professors of the Ajou University in Tashkent, associated artists explores the materiality of bricks, soil, and clay.
A research and experimentation about the brick fabrication going to involve Uzbek artist and ceramics master Abdulvahid Bukhoriy, one of the few craftsmen to master the nearly lost Blue Bukhara ceramics technique.

by Alain Chivilò