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Saint Francis of Assisi at National

Against the arrogance and superiority of many people against others, a lot, even if not the majority, need Saint Francis of Assisi. During 2003, at least in art, it will possible to display and discover the Saint in London.
From medieval painted panels, across renaissance until our contemporaneity, The National Gallery in London has scheduled the first major exhibition in United Kingdom about Saint Francis of Assisi (Assisi 1181 / 1182 – 1226) and his legacy.
A dialogue among Peace, Nature, God and with the different religions inside an historica period not easy with different political and religious intertwining, among power, war, conquest, economic, earthly and spiritual values.
An interdisciplinary exhibition through works of art, manuscripts, multimedia material and comic books: from medieval painted panels, to Renaissance, to XVII century until now. Manuscripts.
As repoterd, the show has curated by National Gallery Director, Gabriele Finaldi and the Ahmanson Research Associate Curator in Art and Religion at the National Gallery, Joost Joustra, Saint Francis of Assisi brings together paintings from across the National Gallery’s collection – by Sassetta, Botticelli, and Zurbarán – with international loans, including Caravaggio’s Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy (Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, about 1595), Josefa de Óbidos’s, Saint Francis and Saint Clare adoring the Christ Child in a Manger (Lisbon, Private collection, 1647), as well as works by Stanley Spencer, Antony Gormley, and Arte Povera artist, Giuseppe Penone. The exhibition will include a new commission from Richard Long.

Saint Francis of Assisi
6 May – 30 July 2023
The National Gallery, London
Admission free
Ground Floor Galleries

by Alain Chivilò