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Robert Capa 110 years of artistic photojournalism

Robert Capa Un contadino siciliano indica a un ufficiale americano la strada presa dai tedeschi Presso Troina, Sicilia, 4-5 agosto 1943 © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography_Magnum Photos
by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

Robert Capa is already in the history of art and photography, as indeed he is in the history of humanity through author’s shots. The ability to capture real moments that lay ahead of him, in terms of news and journalism, enclosing them in artistic sequences was the innate ability of the reporter born in Budapest.
The simplicity of being present and of grasping that instant that makes a single image a representation of true moments for a healthy disclosure of the historical moment.
Endre Ernő Friedmann, Robert Capa (Budapest 22/10/1913 – Thai Binh 25/5/1954) was the photographer in charge: in and on the field. No filter, no interpretation by others, but Capa himself in the scene and in the event, often in close contact with the danger of constant war scenarios.
His fate was dictated by a mine in Vietnam, but his photographic sequences will remain forever.
110 years after his birth, the Museum of Cultures, Mudec, in Milan is organizing a superfine retrospective curated by Sara Rizzo (curator of the Museum itself), in collaboration with the Magnum Agency: “Robert Capa In History”.
More than eighty photographic prints trace the photographic process of the assistant himself. In fact, it was a subtle game conceived by two photographers in dialogue, contact and synergy, which led to a sentimental relationship, Endre Ernő Friedmann and Gerda Taro (Stuttgart 1/8/1910 – Madrid 26/7/1937) to propose themselves assistants to a great photographer in the Paris of the thirties: Robert Capa.
A nice anecdote of a career that in 1947 displayed the creation with Henri Cartier-Bresson and David Szymin (David “Chim” Seymour) of the Magnum Photos Agency, which joined in the following decades different class photographers. In the sections present at Mudec such as – World War II – Soviet Union – Israel – War in Indochina – all the photographic skills of Capa.
An exhibition to see because all of us, even if we are part of a contradictory society, will never tire of seeing, observing and admiring the photographs of Robert Capa.
Concluding with a canonical aphorism, very contemporary: “This war is like an actress who is getting old. It is less and less photogenic and more and more dangerous”.

Robert Capa In History
Milan, Mudec, Museum of Cultures
From 11 November 2022 to 19 March 2023
The ticket office closes one hour earlier (last admission)
Mon 2.30 pm – 7.30 pm Tue – Wed – Fri – Sun 9.30 – 7,30 pm Thu – Sat 9.30 – 10.30 pm

by Alain Chivilò