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Paul Cezanne in Britain

After 25 years in UK it’ll be possible to display an impressive exhibition dedicated to one of the most important painter of Impressionism artistic movement.
From early painting through to works completed in the final months of his life.
The show, far from the concept of a solitary figure, the show will spotlight the relationships central to his life, particularly his wife Marie-Hortense Fiquet and their son Paul. It will examine Cezanne’s intense relationship with childhood friend Émile Zola and will reveal how peers such as Monet and Pissarro were among the first to appreciate his unique vision.
“The EY Exhibition: Cezanne” is organised by Tate Modern and the Art Institute of Chicago, curated by Natalia Sidlina, (Curator, International Art, Tate Modern), Gloria Groom, Chair and David and Mary Winton Green (Curator, Painting and Sculpture of Europe), Caitlin Haskell, Gary C. and Frances Comer (Curator, Modern and Contemporary, Art Institute of Chicago) and Michael Raymond (Assistant Curator, International Art, Tate Modern).
Around 80 artworks, among paintings, watercolours and drawings, will trace his entire career.

The EY Exhibition: Cezanne
Tate Modern, London
Open daily 10.00 – 18.00
5 October 2022 – 12 March 2023

by Alain Chivilò