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Marina Abramović to Italy and to the World

In the hardest moment of the pandemic, covid 19 – corona virus, especially in Italy as the first European nation to have had cases declared, but also when there was no method of approach, the naturalized American artist Marina Abramović (Belgrade, 30/11/1946) sent a video message to Italy and the world.
For Palazzo Strozzi, in the video subtitled in Italian it is possible to hear and verify a communication of hope, but also a warning so that certain events no longer happen, or at least have a more synergistic and shared management.

“… human consciousness must change, our approach to the world and the planet must change …
This is my message to Italy and to the people of Italy which I love deeply. I know this is a moment of crisis and the virus is everywhere but at the same time from the disasters we have to learn a lesson. And the Italian people are showing great courage, great feeling for community and humanity. We are going to fight this together. It is something is going to pass but what is really left is a very valuable experience that human consciousness should change, our approach to our world and our planet should change. This is the lesson that we have to learn. Italy, I love you. And my heart is with you”. Marina

by Alain Chivilò
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