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Luigi Querena record at Dorotheum

Luigi Querena, landscape vedutist painter, has been bid for USD 610.000 – Euro 528.000 the highest price for a work by the artist.

Luigi Querena, (Venice 1824–1890), The Blessed Doge Francesco Morosini in 1693 leaves Venice to fight the Turks at the Peloponnese, indistinctly signed, dated 1865, oil on canvas, cm 132×190

Querena was an enthusiastic Venetian who was committed to Italian independence. He became famous for his numerous views of the city of Venice, which almost exclusively dominate his oeuvre.
In his impressive world-record painting, Querena depicts the solemn departure of Doge Francesco Morosini in 1693 to fight the Turks with the Venetian fleet in the Peloponnese. In his figure-rich, colourful painting, Querena shows us the Serenissima at its most glamorous and magnificent.

by Alain Chivilò