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Luciano Ventrone in peace

Luciano Ventrone

In Italy, when we talk about Hyperrealism, the name of an artist who spontaneously arises is Luciano Ventrone. Indeed, on a pictorial level, he was the artist who refined a unique technique making real works on canvas.
Quoting the Treccani encyclopedia, Hyperrealism is: term of the language of art criticism, spread together with other analogues, as radical realism, superrealism, photographic realism, sharp-focus realism, to designate a particular trend of realism of the 1970s. It offers an extremely faithful image of reality down to the smallest details through a technical perfection often comparable to photographic quality, but aggressive , for example. in the alteration of proportions.
Ventrone through painting has refined the light giving life to new natural realities. A Caravaggesque contemporaneity that made pulsating the still life.
Unfortunately, his tragic death was marked in destiny: suffering from respiratory problems for some time, being treated with home oxygen therapy, he woke up in the night to smoke a cigarette, but accidentally blew up the oxygen cylinder with the lighter.

Luciano Ventrone (Rome, 17/11/1942 – Collelongo 16/4/2021).

Recent exhibitions:
– Luciano Ventrone
The painter of hyperbole
Urbino, Palazzo Ducale, Sale del Castellare
May 16 – June 27 2021
– Luciano Ventrone The great illusion
Rovereto, Mart
October 9, 2020 – April 5, 2021


by Alain Chivilò