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Helga Gendriesch Venice exhibition

German painter Helga Gendriesch returns to Venice with a solo exhibition at one of the most historic places in the Serenissima: Molino Stucky. In the hotel managed by Hilton, “Venice Feelings” offers a selection of works on paper and glass to pay tribute to the host city. By art critic and curator dr Alain Chivilò, in the prestigious area dedicated to temporary exhibitions, it is possible to admire works that, resuming and revitalizing aesthetic canons belonging to informal art, mentally generate, thanks to gestures, vibrant universes in perennial movement. Therefore nothing is static, because every single section of the work is in constant balance through synergistic contrasts of colors. In fact, through the use of a roller, the artist provides her creations with a unique liveliness, belonging to a spontaneous and at the same time youthful compositional spirit. A research always divided into balances that constantly live between abstractionism and informal scenarios, where symbols and infinite meanings stand in colors with refined nuances. Plurality of material overlays determine galaxies for unexplained soul mazes. A constant interaction on the viewer spontaneously arises through spontaneous visual and tactile perceptions. These effects, precisely in the glass, offer ultra-dimensional sensations for a support that pays tribute to the glass making tradition of the Murano island, Venice.

Helga Gendriesch
Venice Feelings
curated by Alain Chivilò
1/11/2019 – 6/1/2020
Sala Campiello, piano terra
Hilton Molino Stucky
Giudecca 810 – 30133 Venice, Italia