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Giovanni Francesco Guerrieri record

Dorotheum Auction House Wien. Tuesday’s Old Master Paintings Part I, 8/6/2021. World record for Giovanni Francesco Guerrieri’s “Lot and his Daughters”, reaching a final bid of € 475.060 

Giovanni Francesco Guerrieri (Fossombrone 1589 – 1655/9 Pesaro), “Lot and his daughters”, oil on canvas, 147 x 197 cm. Provenance: from a private collection, Spain, since the 19th Century.

Other results as info: Nicolas Régnier’s “Portrait of a Nobleman as Aeneas” € 235.100 and “Judith and her Servant with the Head of Holofernes” by Artemisia Gentileschi, acquired by an important private foundation for € 344.900
“The Abduction of Helen from Troy” by the Italian painter of the School of Fontainebleau, Luca Penni at € 369.300
“Portrait of Philip II of Spain” by a Habsburg court painter sold for € 276.250 and the “Still Life of Flowers” by Roelant Savery reached € 247.300

by Alain Chivilò