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Gérard Garouste Centre Pompidou

Gérard Garouste Alt-Neu Shul sur le Pont-Neuf, 2020, Huile sur toile, 160.00 x 220.00 cm
by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

The The first exhibition dedicated to the French artist Gérard Garouste at the Centre Pompidou in Paris is scheduled from 7/9/’22 to 2/1/’23. One hundred and twenty works represent the strong and charged style of the painter born in Paris on 10/3/1946.
A very impactful painting determines a reaction in the viewer capable of reflecting, understanding but also of moving away: surely there cannot be immobilism. In Garouste’s figuration, the favorite subjects are still lifes, portraits, stories taken from literature, the Bible, figures in general, Greek mythology and sets for operas and shows.
Along the exhibition which includes drawings, paintings, videos and sculptures it can be seen that there isn’t a unique single stylistic approach, but rather a mixture among Surrealism, Expressionism and Symbolism in atmospheres imbued by anxiety and restlessness such as his nickname, l’Intranquille.
At the Centre Pompidou, with works spanning fifty years of career since 1970, Gérard Garouste creates amazement and reflection for a personal and unique artistic journey.

by Alain Chivilò