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David Guetta Louvre Abu Dhabi show

by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

After the show in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre Paris during the night of the new year’s eve 2020, now it has been time for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. A stunning and incredible pre-recorded show in a floating stage full of electronic music.
A museum is a place of culture that hosts tourists, enthusiasts, connoisseurs and scholars from all over the world. Although the preparation and sensitivity of each individual visitor is different from one another, the will of each museum management has already existed, for several decades, to bring events combining art with contemporary events aimed to create audience, marketing, communication and social awareness. Although the world of fashion has already created multiple connections, music, on less frequent occasions, tries to unite through sensory perceptions. An attempt at cultural, commercial, solidarity and charity dialogue to try to unite rather than isolate.
Personally, I am in favor of this type of initiative within a constant respect between the host place and the event is being hosted. Below, a photogallery taken from the broadcast event and a short video to testify the connections among the electronic music, artworks, architectures, water and special effects.
During the DJ set among lights, colors, fires and fireworks the masterpieces from Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection take the scene, including:
Georges de la Tour’s Girl Blowing on a Brazier (c. 1646 – 1648 CE)
Astrolabe Quadrant (ca. 1291 – 1310)
Mirror with Taoist Divinities (201 – 400 CE)
Under the Wave off Kanagawa, also known as The Great Wave, from the series of Thirty-six Views of Mountain Fuji (1831) by Katsushika Hokusai
Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Blue, Red, Yellow and Black (1922)
Feline-shaped Incense Burner (Eastern Iran or Central Asia, 1000 – 1100)
Sphinx, Mythological Creature from Greece or Italy (600 – 500 BCE)
Table Top Known as “Tavolino di Gioie (ca. 1568 – 1577) by Bernardino di Porfirio da Leccio (sculptor)
Craved Panel from the Umayyad Period (10th century)
August Rodin’s The Walking Man, On a Column (1900)
Statue of a Winged Dragon from Northern China (450 – 250 BCE).

by Alain Chivilò
David Guetta at Louvre Abu Dhabi, 31-12-2021, DJ set live
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