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Damien Hirst Reverence Paintings

Damien Hirst in action. From a series present at the exhbition “Forgiving and Forgetting”, from July 6 to October 23/2021, Gagosian Gallery, Rome.
The Reverence Paintings are among action painting, dripping and abstraction with echoes to figurative.
In fact, originally seeking to reimagine the vibrant Cherry Blossoms variants in allover white, “Hirst began to overlay shifting dabs of color and flecks of gold leaf across the otherwise monochrome canvases, allowing them to take on a vivid and shimmering dynamism. Covered with bright impasto dots that add both perspectival grounding and visual haze to each composition, the Reverence Paintings underscore Damien Hirst’s acute sense of color, expanding upon the expressionistic and pointillist impulses that have inspired his recent bodies of work”.

by Alain Chivilò

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