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Colossal at Belvedere

Maximilian Oppenheimer Die Philharmoniker 1926-52. Ph Johannes Stoll Belvedere, Wien. Artothek des Bundes, Dauerleihgabe im Belvedere, Wien
by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

As preview, from 22 June until 27 August 2023, “Colossal” is the the collective exhibition dedicated to the Large Format Paintings combining different art expressions. Curated by Johanna Hofer and Stella Rollig at Lower Belvedere, Vienna, covering an artistic period from the Baroque to the present day a selection of works characterized by the big dimensions chosen from the museum’s collection.
For some artists painting in large dimensions has represented a commitment and an artistic challenge, while for others being able to better represent their personal creative vein. In the past, large works represented a previous study useful for relating to the subject that had to be represented between spaces, colors, figures and abstractions. Along the twentieth century, the essentiality of the painted concept allowed for greater exploration, leaving greater mental themes to the freedom of gesture and form.
The impact of the exhibition is strong and for sure visitors are involved in immersive and fascinating visual art worlds.

by Alain Chivilò