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Cinzia Bulone Fragile Atmospheres

by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

The historical Casa del Mantegna, an exhibition venue known worldwide for Modern and Contemporary Art in Mantua, hosts an exhibition dedicated to the Sicilian painter Cinzia Bulone.
About thirty works retrace the entire process of an artist, who has always loved confidentiality over visibility differentiating herself from many colleagues.
“Fragile Atmospheres” is the title that the art critic and curator dr Alain Chivilò has thought for the solo show of the painter born in Agrigento, starting from an external environment that is far from the certain, but above all, is based on the sensitivity which Bulone paints on canvas.

As indicated by Chivilò in the critical text, “Cinzia Bulone combines the informal, abstraction and figuration in visual and conceptual messages suitable for reflection. In this feeling coming from her, art thus becomes a mission which the painter Cinzia hides and unhides the soul in the biographical process, tracing conceptuality within informal nuances. In colder shades useful for exerting a direct influence on the soul, constant nebulae from which chromatic energies propagate, from whose proto-stellar mass small figures appear individually or plurally. Each of these has an interpretation and an explanation linked to the title of the work which, in addition to framing the subject created, focuses the attention on the observer in reference to the potential that the artist has created. Therefore, a constant balance of contents between opposite and opposite forces that, from the natural world, influence human action within the universes which yin and yang summarize. In the titles of her works, along a constant diversity, portals open from which human action stands before. The artist tries to build virtual keys that allow contemporary readings of physical and metaphysical realities. The non-form arises precisely from the form and from the very beginning Bulone poses herself through a simple but profound figuration that, over the decades, has amalgamated into the visual imagination. Going beyond what the eye can summarily see for worlds lived, to stay in or dream about. Unconscious and subconscious come together in creative action for possibilities always divided between surrealism and realism. Therefore, emotionally unstable artistic intensities for paintings that are always full of ideas, in the constant search for an arcadia in which to contemplate and perhaps move on to a further dimension. A dream island whose silence is not scary, but opens to new neural and perceptive connections”.
The Casa del Mantegna’s exhibition allows the visitor to explore Cinzia Bulone’s pictorial path within an open place and without prejudice, to any type of artistic expression.
The solo opens a cycle dedicated to the contemporary which will continue with two further shows, always through the management by Alain Chivilò, that will conclude a further troubled pandemic year 2021.

by Alain Chivilò