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Ca’ Rezzonico reopens

Apertura 2023 Museo del Settecento Veneziano, Palazzo Ca Rezzonico. Venezia
by Alain Chivilò

© Alain Chivilò

Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, The Museum of the Venetian Eighteenth Century, at Ca’ Rezzonico Palace, should be a must for every tourist in Venice, but above all for those who prefer beauty.
After a careful restoration work that began on 24 October 2022, it reopens to the public again from Wednesday 28 June 2023.

In the project the interventions, in an approach of greater usability of the Museum itself, the main topics are:
– rearrangement of the ground floor spaces used for services and hospitality after the flood of 2019;
– new spaces intended for teaching, with the simultaneous redevelopment of the bathrooms, the ticket office and the bookshop;
– the former ticket office becomes a cloakroom with the rationalization of wardrobes where visitors will be autonomous in their use. The aim is to create a rest area that becomes a sort of preview of the museum itself;
– new lighting technology and extraordinary maintenance on the Venetian terrazzo floor and on some parts of the garden. Furthermore, all the halogen lighting fixtures in the exhibition halls will be replaced with new LED lights (I and III floors), improving the visibility of the exhibited works.

Multiple owners succeeded each other in about three hundred years of history. From 1649 it was the Bon family who commissioned Baldassare Longhena for the project. Opened in 1667, it was abandoned in 1682 due to economic troubles and the death of Longhena.
Subsequently a member of the Rezzonico family of Como origin, Giambattista, bought the building in 1751 which was completed in the following seven years by Giorgio Massari, building the ballroom, the grand staircase, the monumental atrium and the water stairway.
The Rezzonico family also had a Pope, elected in 1760, Clement XIII, Carlo brother of Giambattista.
In 1810, without heirs, the Rezzonico family died out, numbering various owners and residents: Carlo Maria Isidoro of Bourbon-Spain, Robert Barrett Browning, Lionello Hierschel de Minerbi up to the Municipality of Venice.
On April 25, 1936 the building became a detached section of the Civic Museums, Ca’ Rezzonico, reaching up to the present day.

All that remains is to organize a visit, to re-admire the Museo del Settecento Veneziano again at the Ca’ Rezzonico Palace in Venice.

by Alain Chivilò