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Banksy Mania in London

Euphoria, madness, emotion, capital in circulation, financial movements, monetary battle, economic and interest loves, critical decisions … all crazy for Banksy’s semi-self-destructed / partially shredded work “Love is in the bin”.
After some free and personal notes written few weeks ago finally everything was done for the joy of lovers (with money) of art: estimated GBP 4,000,000 / 6,000,000 the provocative masterpiece of the most famous anonymous street artist in the world, Banksy, “Girl with Balloon” which has now become “Love is in the Bin” was sold for 18,582,000 GBP.

Not only this artwork, but strong offers on three fascinating abstracts by Gerhard Richter (Helga and Walther Lauffs Collection) executed in 1985. SD, Abstraktes Bild (576-1) and Abstraktes Bild (576-2) sold for £ 9,619,800, £ 7,896,300 and 5,943,000 £. Ewa Juszkiewicz beat the estimates for £ 352,800 “Maria (After Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck)”, plus Lebanese artist Etel Adnan awarded for £ 352,000 and Flora Yukhnovich’s stunning abstract painting “I’ll Have What She’s Have” with the new record price of 2,253,500 £.

by Alain Chivilò