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Banksy in camper Summer 2021

Banksy is back. Around UK in a motorhome. Many people were frantically waiting his creations. On Friday, August 13, 2021 many of these were satisfied with a series of new murals.
The street artist works in the mystery of his identity, but each work has a preparation because nothing is improvised. All presentations are always well constructed and predetermined in time. His creations now determine a sort of event. The media are immediately ready to communicate his works.
With his stencils (an impervious material such as a sheet of paper, thin wax, or woven fabric perforated with lettering or a design through which a substance such as ink, paint, or metallic powder is forced onto a surface to be printed) prepared according to the project, his creativity has no limits.
On the beach, at the bus stop, in a playground, on the outskirts, on a monument … he draws and creates without arousing suspicion and curiosity.
Someone or himself films, probably with a hidden camera, a small scenario between before and after creation.
A question … If the murals are in public or on the wall of a private property where does his income come from? The owner of the wall, as already happened, has the work detached and it belongs to him with an authentic video or photo taken by Banksy himself.
Perhaps the artist’s skill consists in creating a mix divided among magic, marketing, mystery, collaborators in staff, merchandising, auction houses, gallery owners, complacency, information and communication media … ready to capture … …
Enjoy: murals and video.

by Alain Chivilò
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