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About us

Art is a state of mind that attracts emotions, moving towards unexplored worlds. Along this iter we cross lands often belonging to commonplaces. Therefore, lyrical synergies for those who will be able to understand through dialogues and not assumptions.

Art Musa

Art Musa's mission focuses on curatorship and art criticism through the organization of art exhibitions and cultural events, with insights into the world of design, fashion and sport. Everything is planned and scheduled on Alain, soul and creative spirit.

Critical texts, catalogues, curatorship, promotion, marketing, communication and press office until synergies as for example art advisor and gallerist. By the Art Critic and Curator, Journalist (regularly registered in the Italian Albo) Alain, solo and group exhibitions, book presentations, fashion initiatives and cultural events represent the mission for a never ending research process, always full of satisfactions if any.

In conclusion, for Alain, in order to reach a goal, in the cultural field but not only, there is always a serious and deep antecedent preparation. Everything is always the result of a previous school and university education, going beyond that contemporary concept of "I could do it too".

I shall never surrender.