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About us

Art is a state of mind that attracts emotions, moving towards unexplored worlds. Along this iter we cross lands often belonging to commonplaces. Therefore, lyrical synergies for those who will be able to understand through dialogues and not assumptions.

Art Musa

Art Musa is the company in art curatorship and criticism through the organization of art exhibitions and cultural events, with encroachments in the world of design, fashion and sport. Everything revolves around the figure of dr Alain soul and creative spirit.
Critical texts, editing and printing of catalogues, direct curatorship of all events, promotion, marketing, communication and press office until various synergies such as art advisor and gallery owner. By the art critic and curator, journalist (regularly in the Italian Register Albo) dr Alain, solo and group exhibitions, book-catalogue-monograph presentations and cultural events are the mission for an endless research process always full of satisfactions.
In order to reach a goal, in the cultural field but not only, for Alain there is always a serious and deep antecedent preparation. Everything is always the result of a previous school and university education, going beyond that contemporary concept of "I could do it too".

I shall never surrender.

Born in Venice in October 1969.
Working as art critic - curator and journalist. University education in two different fields, economics and art history, because a process of personal growth is enriched over the years with ideas whose value exceeds the previous one. The beginnings see Alain, with discretion, engaged in the dissemination of the work of figurative artists of the city of Venice, belonging to the second figurative pictorial generation of the School of Burano. At the same time reviews of cultural events, critical texts and presentations of modern and contemporary artists make him appreciated in the art world. The interview and the meeting with the subjects of the artistic world, of internationally renowned, are an important step for a real critical examination. In press, as a freelance, he writes for various national and international newspapers and magazines. In the curatorship field he conceives and proposes art events within a constant research.

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