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About Us

Art is a state of mind that attracts emotions, moving towards unexplored worlds. Along this iter we cross lands often belonging to commonplaces. Therefore, lyrical synergies for those who will be able to understand through dialogues and not assumptions.
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please visit the following web site: Nulla Dies Sine linea


Art Musa

The mission by Art Musa consist mainly in the global management of art exhibitions, from the planning to the conclusion: cultural, design, fashion and sport events. Everything gravitates around Alain soul and ideational spirit. Critical texts, external drafting and catalogs printing, direct management of all events, promotion, marketing, communication, press office to different services related to insurance and transport of artworks in collaboration with leading specialist companies of the sector. Through Alain's Art Critic and Curator, Journalist regularly accredited to the register Pubblicisti List, personal and collective exhibitions, book presentations or initiatives, art events but not only, represent the mission for an endless research, always full of satisfactions.

Bio narrated

I am an art critic / curator and freelance journalist regularly enrolled in the national register. For decades i have been dealing with art and culture in its various expressive forms. It is not a question of passion, as people say in Italy, but rather: trying to give our best in what i do professionally.
You never get to the top, as the growth path is endless. I am able to motivate others less than myself, as often happens. Worldliness must be cultivated wisely and not just to appear.
Not only art, otherwise possible to become go crazy due beauty, but i love for example sport, news, history, archaeology, astronomy, music and travel knowing without any problem expressing my opinion.
I have never preferred and i will never favor those move in the shadows and backs to denigrate without title in order to block, damage and create problems.
Envy is an ugly beast to those have inside. Along this time, i have seen people who consider themselves better known than others, behave in an extremely incorrect and undignified manner.
Without any doubt i have studied and further deepened the professional issues as well as ranging in further arguments. There is always an antecedent preparation to reach a target and goal. Everything is always due to the result of a previous training, going beyond the contemporary but ancient concept of "i could do it too".

I shall never surrender.